Electrical Car Charging

EVlink charging stations are easy to use, tough, intelligent and universal. They are suitable for daily use and compatible with most electric vehicles for residential, commercial private or public parking areas. You will find the charging infrastructure that suits you whether you are a private user or a professional.

EVlink Parking, Wallbox and Smart Wallbox

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Shared Usage

EVlink Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for shared usage, on street or homes.


Wallbox Charging Station for Home

Discover the latest features of the new EVlink Wallbox dedicated for home use.

White Paper

A flexible electric vehicle charging station

This paper discusses the problems related to the adaptability of charging system infrastructure to meet the needs of interoperability between all players in the electric vehicle market.

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Services associated with electric vehicle charging.

This white paper addresses the various services developed around electric vehicle charging infrastructure. It is intended for those responsible for vehicle fleets, maintenance and sites, mobility operators, integrators, installers, and drivers.

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EVlink Charging Stations

EVlink Parking
Charging stations for shared usage or on-street.


Image 2

EVlink Wallbox
Charging stations for home or private properties (indoors or outdoors).

Image 3

EVlink Smart Wallbox
The connected EV charging station for smarter charging.